The Interactive Metronome (IM) is offered by professionals from various fields including Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Psychologists, Educators, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians and Sports Specialists among others. Our certified network of IM Providers administers IM to children and adults in various clinical and educational settings including hospitals, private practice and schools.

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Interactive Metronome Badge Glossary

Provider Certifications & Products


Providers who have successfully completed their IM certification to administer IM training in both individual and group modes

IM-UniverseThis badge denotes a clinic that has upgraded to the newest IM training platform, the IM Universe. IM Universe’s new interface, games and backgrounds allow for advanced cloud-based training.


Providers who are IMC certified and have successfully completed individual IM training of at least 10 clients.*

IM-HomeThese IM-Home Certified Providers offer IM-Home services.

MIMCProviders who are IMC certified, have successfully completed individual IM training of at least 50 clients* and one or more of the following:

  • Contribution to recognized research projects
  • Author a paper or article published in a generally recognized professional publication
  • Participation in IM’s product development testing as an approved beta site.
IM-Home_clinicIMC certified Providers who have successfully completed IM-Home usage training, and are now equipped for in-clinic and at-home treatment.
*Must maintain complete set IM data files to be reviewed by appropriate IM staff. May take up to three weeks for review after submission.

IM Professional Specialty Badges

We are proud to offer our Providers a variety of webinar bundles that allow them to specifically tailor IM services to their clients. Each bundle is full of innovative techniques, great tips and strategies for utilizing IM training with individual diagnoses and populations. If you see one of these badges beside a Provider’s listing, you can rest assured that they have gone the extra mile to become an expert in that discipline. Badges are awarded upon full completion of any of the categories listed below.

academicAcademic - Everything from summer camps to writing IEP goals is covered in these educator focused webinars. innovative pedInnovative Pediatrics - Check out our webinars with strategies for using IM training for children with unique.
adult motorAdult Motor - Learn how to individualize clinical application of the IM from 18 through the geriatric age range. other neuro conditionsOTHER NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS - The OTHER NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS badge represents completion of the following continuing education courses that cover specific approaches to IM training for neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, Tourette Syndrome, and PTSD.
autismAutism - These webinars will help providers who work with children that have this unique blend of social and communication troubles. Practice ManagementPractice Management - Learn effective strategies for building and managing your practice, from growing and scaling, to navigating the complex and often frustrating world of insurance, to helping clients find alternative payment options for IM training with these courses.
brain injuryBrain Injury/Stroke/Cognitive Impairment - Restoring that quality of life for brain injury patients is the goal of these webinars. processingProcessing (Auditory and/or Visual) - Find out creative ways to work on auditory and visual processing with overstimulating users.
telepracticeTELEPRACTICE - The TELEPRACTICE badge represents completion of the following continuing education courses covering topics related to successful delivery of services remotely via IM-Home. reading fluencyReading Fluency/Writing - These webinars are full of great tips to help children overcome reading difficulties and written language.
early interventionEarly Intervention – These webinars are great for working with clients who are showing signs of developmental delays and motor difficulties at a very early age. spdSensory Processing Disorder/Sensory Integration - Find out how to use IM with children who have difficulty interpreting stimuli.
home healthHome Health/SNF - Learn how to use IM training to motivate clients, accelerate treatment outcomes and get clients back to their daily lives. speechSpeech - Find out how to help clients regain oral motor control with these helpful webinars.
superstar provider Superstars - Superstar Providers must complete all webinar bundles to receive this badge. A truly lofty goal to achieve! sportsSports - These webinars shed some light on working with above average users and/or those with serious injuries, including sports-specific IM exercises.